We offer a wide range of HVAC Product and System Operations training courses throughout the year. We typically hold these courses at our training facility (located at our headquarters in Murray, UT), but we can also hold them at your facility and customize them to meet your specific needs.
For a complete list of Upcoming training sessions, please contact our Operations or Sales Administrators to assist you with selecting the right course for you. For more information, please call 801-261-3600 or you can submit a request to register for a class.

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2020 Training Class Schedule

HVAC Control System Troubleshooting Course (2 Days) $750  (February 25th and 26th, September 22nd and 23rd)

Personnel with little or no HVAC education or experience are strongly encouraged to attend.

*All participants need to bring wire cutters, 4 x 1 screwdriver, terminating screwdriver, and an electronic 
multi-meter (that can read 40K Ohms or more) *
 Relay logic (Pilot, Starters, Contactors, etc.) 
 Temperature sensors (Thermistors, RTD’s, Parallel/Series Combinations)
 Signals 0-10 / 4-20mA (Static, RH, Speed signals, etc.)
 PWM, 3 Point Floating and On/Off control of damper motors and actuators
 On/Off Status (CT’s, Air Proving, Freeze Stats, High Limit, etc.)
 AC and DC Power Supplies and Grounding
 VFD interfacing
 Communication issue troubleshooting  

N4 Workstation and Honeywell Webs Basic Course (4 Days) $1,100  - (March 17th – 20th, October 6th – 9th)

This course offers a basic overview of the N4 platform and includes 3 days of training and 1 day of hands on experience with the software. We will train students on the techniques needed to design and program an N4 system.

 N4 building blocks (Modules, Components, Palettes, Stations, BOG files)
 N4 Terms (ORDs, PX, Views, Stations)
 N4 Platform Functions
 Workbench Interface (Side Bar, View Pane, Console, Platform and Station functions)
 Security and User interface
 Control Points
 Kit Control Components
 System Architecture
 Program objects
 Linking
 Schedules
 Histories
 Alarms
 Graphics

N4 Workstation and Honeywell Webs Advanced Course (3 Days) $900  - (April 28th - 30th  December 8th – 10th) 

**Successful completion of the N4 Workstation and Honeywell Webs Basic training class is required to attend this

Offers further development of the N4 platform and will train students on advanced topics and techniques.

 Report development 
 Graphic enhancement and animation 
 Niagara Network options
 Block programming
 Troubleshooting and sequence implementation
 User options
 JAVA issues and solutions

Delta Controls Course (3 Days) $900  (May 12th - 14th, November 17th – 19th)

Delta Controls training will show you a broad range of options for your BacNet controls architecture. This enables you to develop solutions that will provide the most value for your needs. Flexible, scalable and cost effective, Delta’s HVAC, Card Access and Lighting controls can be integrated into your facility. This can provide you with single seat operations 
management using Delta’s powerful operator workstation software and Enteliweb interfaces.

 Delta Hardware and Network Architecture
 Basic System Programming (Navigator Overview, Basic Blocks, Calendars, Schedules)
 Intermediate System Programming (Trends and Multi-trends, Commissioning, Alarms,
Systems Security, GCL Programming)
 Advanced Programming (Flash Loader, GCL Programming)
 Graphics and The Web Interface
 Troubleshooting

Talon VAV and AHU Fundamentals and Applications (2 Days) $600 - (March 31st and April 1st, October 27th and 28th)

This is a hands-on training courses for VAV applications and AHU fundamentals.

 Variable Air Volume (VAV) box function and control principles
 VAV box (VAVCO, VAVRH, VAVFPB, VAVDD) controller configuration
 VAV box to AHU interfacing (occupancy schedules, local override, etc.)
 VAV controls application (installation, testing and commissioning)
 Air Handler Unit (AHU) function and control principles
 PID control principles
 4 loop controller configuration
 AHU controls application (installation, testing and commissioning)